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Find Your Perfect Match at Table-Top Dating

Find Love in Fast Forward: Speed Dating Events to Spark Real Connections

Ditch the name tags, find your spark!  Our modern speed dating events are all about casual connections and instant first dates. Skip the awkwardness, join a fun event, and see where the chat takes you. No hosts, just fresh vibes and genuine interaction

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Ditch the Apps, Roll the Dice with Table-Top Dating!

There’s a better way to meet singles who actually share your interests: Table-Top Dating!

Imagine this: a fun, casual atmosphere where you break the ice over board games, not awkward small talk. No pressure, just good vibes and genuine connections with fellow gaming enthusiasts.

Ditch the Awkward, Embrace the Fun: How Table-Top Dating Works!

Step aside, dating apps and forced introductions!
Table-Top Dating is all about making real connections through shared passions and playful conversations. Forget stiff hosts and awkward name tags – here’s how it works, naturally:

1. Choose Your Adventure: Explore our event calendar and find a themed evening that speaks to your soul.

2. Seamless Arrival: Book your spot and relax – all the details land straight on your phone.

3. Personalized Playdates: No need to stand around awkwardly hoping to make eye contact.

4. Fun First Dates: Find your table, grab a drink, and let the conversation flow!

5. Love or Like? After each round, simply text back “M” for Match or “P” for Pass.

6. Repeat & Rewind: Keep playing, keep chatting, keep finding new faces. Every round is a chance to connect and discover someone special.

Ready to roll the dice on love? Find an event near you and see where the game takes you!

Casual Is Our Code

Ditch the Dress Code, Embrace Your Vibe:

Leave the stilettos and stuffy suits at home!
At Table-top dating, we believe your best accessory is you, authentically you. Show up to your dates feeling comfortable and confident, whether it’s in your power suit or that cozy sweater you practically live in.

This isn’t your typical dress-up-to-impress scene. We arrange dates with open minds and zero expectations. We want you to focus on genuine connections, not perfecting your outfit.

Skip the Small Talk

Forget awkward silences and forced chit-chat! 

Here’s how it works:

Multiple Mini-Dates: Enjoy a series of short, timed conversations with different people, getting to know them on a deeper level without the commitment of a long date.

Focus on the Fun: No pressure to impress, just focus on enjoying the conversation and discovering genuine connections. Whether you spark with someone or not, every interaction is a chance to have a good time.

    Casual Dates:Ditch the Dress-Up, Embrace the Down-to-Earth fun style.

    Forget stuffy suits and forced smiles! Our events are the antithesis of your typical, pressure-packed dating scene. Imagine skipping the awkward silences and formalities – you know, the “so, what do you do?” and five-course meals. Here, it’s all about casual, lighthearted conversations with someone new. Show up, spot your date, and dive into easy, fun chat, minus the stress. It’s like meeting a cool stranger at a coffee shop, but with the added bonus of shared interests and guaranteed conversation starters. 


    What are the rules?

    Ensuring a safe and comfortable environment is paramount at Table-Top Dating. Your well-being is our top priority, and we’ve meticulously defined guidelines and expectations to create a space where every participant feels secure and respected.

    Date Etiquette/Conduct:

    We insist on participants adhering to these guidelines:

    • Interact with others respectfully, upholding personal space and boundaries.

    • Avoid sharing or requesting sensitive information, fostering a secure atmosphere.

    • Maintain moderate sobriety to engage respectfully with fellow participants and venue staff.

    • If, at any point, another participant makes you uncomfortable, reach out to us immediately. Your safety is our immediate concern.

    Violating these rules will result in a swift and decisive response, including potential bans from future events.


    Safeguarding your privacy is a cornerstone of our events:

    • Your contact information remains confidential unless a mutual Match occurs. In the event of a Match, contact details (email/phone number) are shared within 12 hours after the event.

    • Should you encounter an uncomfortable situation, contact us immediately. We are committed to swiftly addressing and resolving any concerns.


    • It’s crucial to note that Table-Top Dating disclaims responsibility for interactions outside our events. This disclaimer is in place for legal and liability considerations, emphasizing our commitment to ensuring a secure environment during our events.


    What is your cancellation/no-show policy?

    Because crafting an exceptional experience for all participants is paramount, our cancellation policy reflects the dedication to maintaining the quality of our events. While cancellations are typically non-refundable, we understand that life is unpredictable. Participants can contact Table-Top Dating 72 hours or more in advance with special cases like a family emergency, sickness, or work-related matters for potential exceptions.

    Cancellation Exceptions:

    • Participants facing unforeseen circumstances can seek exceptions by contacting us 72 hours or more in advance.

    • Special cases include family emergencies, sickness, or work-related matters.

    Refund Policy:

    • Cancellations within 72 hours of the event are generally non-refundable to ensure fairness and event stability.

    •No-shows, which encompass leaving an event early or canceling within four hours of the start, incur a $50 charge and may lead to exclusion from future events. We treat this seriously to safeguard the experience for all participants.

    Participant Responsibility:

    • We encourage participants to register for events compatible with their schedules.

    • If you encounter conflicts, feel free to reach out to us for guidance. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    How many dates will I go on?

    You’ll have 8 dates at each Table-Top Dating event. It’s a fun and efficient way to meet new people, fostering meaningful connections in a single event!

    How long do I have each date?

    Each date is a quick and enjoyable 10 minutes, giving you the chance to share a brief conversation and make a connection with potential matches. It’s a perfect balance of efficiency and excitement!

    What happens at the end of each date?

    At the end of each date, you simply text back to Table-Top whether you want to Match or Pass. It’s a straightforward and interactive way to express your interest and continue the connection if it’s mutual.

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